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automatic assembly machine
The special equipment adapt to assembles all size of spring units

*The automatic assembly machine model EAM-120 assembles biconic Bonnell springs. The springs are manually inserted and, at the end of each row, the operator presses the pedal and starts the assembling cycle. With a single operation the jaws are closed, the spring linkage helix is coiled than cut and bent at both ends automatically. When the cycle is concluded, the spring units are forwarded and the jaws are ready to receive more springs. The EAM-120 performances are excellent; it is a highly reliable and productive machine for spring units and mattress manufacturer. automatic assembly machine, automatic assembly machines

*The EAM-120 assembly machine is equipped with one set of jaws, to be chosen among those indicated in the tables above; the scheme shows the width of the spring units according to the number of holdfasts and the width of the jaws, to be positioned at the shortest distance. The pitch of about 8~10mm at a time by means of a spacer gauge.

By way of example:
• 15 lines x 22 rows with spring with an 90 mm external diameter and using 88 mm jaws
• 15 lines x 24 rows with spring with an 83 mm external diameter and using 88 mm jaws
• 16 lines x 30 rows with spring with an 67 mm external diameter and using 80 mm jaws

No. of Jaws 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8
X.88mm jaw; spring dia: 78-90mm       2020 1920 1820 1720 1610 1510 1410 1310 1200 1100 1000 900 800
S.80mm jaw; spring dia: 65-78mm 2240 2150 2050 1960 1870 1770 1680 1580 1490 1400 1300 1200 1115 1020 925 832 740

NOTE: The EAM-120 assembly machine is equipped with one size of jaws, total 20 jaws.
Excellent features :
The machine operates without compressed air, Maintenance and spare parts wear is kept to a minimum. Production speed can be adapted to the quality of wire. automatic assembly machine, automatic assembly machines
*High flexibility
The EAM-120 assembly machine produces various types of spring units using springs with different diameter, wire thickness and height. The number of lines can be varied without moving the unused holdfasts. Width changes are rendered easier by the new shape of the holdfasts which are quickly positioned and perfectly arranged thanks to the special gauge.Changes in length are possible by selecting the number of rows on the control panel.
The helix closing rings on both ends are very near to the springs. Extremely precise, electronic controlled helix stop guarantees a perfect closing. Thanks to the helix lubrication device coiling is smooth, 5/4 linkage reduces slack to a minimum. automatic assembly machine, automatic assembly machines
Control panel :
automatic assembly machines
Helix contro
Technical data at a glance:
Production: Up to 28000 spring/8 h (depending on the operator's skill)
spring type: Bonnell
Spring end ring diameter Dif: 65-90mm
spring wire diameter: 1.9-2.4mm
Spring height (can be request): 80-180mm
Helix wire diameter : 1.3-1.4mm
Max spring unit width : 2000mm
Max number of jaws : 18 (X)
20 (L)
24 (M)
25 (S)
Motor power of the assembler: 1.1kw
Motor power of helix makers :2 x 1.1kw( with invert )
Controls : PLC control and operator's panel
Power:400V 3 phases 8A
Power requirement: 230V 3 phases 12A
Max weight spiral wire reel: 200kgs
Net weight: 900kgs

Note: The technical features are subject to constant improvements, ESUN INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to make any change without notice.

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