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EJ-170ZM New deliveries automatic cutting machines
Cutting machine

Product Info.:

New Deliveris Cutting Machines,straight strap and 45-degree deagonal cloth rolling machine suitable for cloth,adhesive-bonded fabric,tent,umbrella.sponge foam,leather,reflective materal,plastic,paper,two-side glue,acetate fabric,reinforced belt,conductive cloth,copper,foil and other materials of various width straight.The idea choice of industries of clothing,bags,footwear,hats,garment subsidiary material,reflective material factory,tent factory,umbella factory,transformer factory,electron factory and other industries.
Width:1.7m(2.05m、2.4m optional)
Rotating Speed of Cloth Roll:0~800rpm/min
Diameter of Cloth Roll:¢37mm
Blade power:1.5kw
Minimum Width of Cut Strap:2mm
Voltage:380V/220V optionan
Machine Measurement:2.7mX0.75mX1.4m
1、Principal axis and circular knife use CVT system,it enable to change rotating speed and control positive and negative switching.
2、Equipped with the automatic system,can be sharpened without move blades,long-trem blades sharp to achieve the best quality and together with cleaning load,to maintain a clean cloth and track.
3、Using impot\rted high precision system to control cutting width,with imports of precision ball screw and slide,control cutting width of 0.1mm,to achieve high precision cutting.
4、Using imported screw ball and slide track,paralled tlcut,adopt imported AC motors Adjustment system conteols cutting speed limitless,steadily move without abrasion to get the best quality.
5、Using LCD Chinese screen interface can be directly input kinds of cutting width,set the amount andequipped with the conversion functions of manual or automatic.
6、Using rapidly leak design to put in place,feeding or cutting move can be complete in one time.

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