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EJ-170BD Automatic Edge Vertical Diagonal Cloth Rolling Machine
Cutting machine

Product Info.:

EJ-170BD is widely used in round packaging of cloth,non-
woven fabrics,foaming cotton,leather,paper,reflective
materials,acetate cloth,reinforcing band and electric
conduction cloth as well as the repeat rolling of fabrics
before stripping.It enables to roll it into vertical stripe or
Rolling cloth breadth:1.7m(2.05m、2.4m、2.8m optional)
Max cloth rolling diameter:300m
Fastest cloth rolling speed:80 meters/min
Cloth rolling power:0.75kw
Blade power:0.12kw
Power voltage:380V/220V optional
Machine dimension:2.2mx0.75mx1.3m
1.Use of electronic edge device,cloth and other materials lo
oked the same edge after coiling,choose soft or hard accor
ding to the type of cloth.
2.Equipped with the automatic control device code meter,can
accurately remember cloth length and automatic control.
3.Roller speed can adjusted without distinction,high efficiency,
saving human resource,it's convenient for single to operate.
4.Tweed cloth can be 20 degree to 70 degree in regulation.
5.Adoption of stainless steel cloth bucket,which never
rust avoid.

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