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This machine adopts operating forms of tool carriage moving and fixed worktable. the nubby foam rubber is placed in the middle of baffles; the movable cutting carriage reciprocates on slide way with metal band, and then finishes upright's slicing of foam rubber. this machine may synchronously conversion timing auto-controlled system. it's automatization level is high, the cutting is exact, the operation is safely and it can reduce the using space etc.

model ELQ-4LB
blade length L9720mm available cutting stroke 2200mm
baffle stroke 2050mm cutting thickness scope 3-100mm
total power 7.09KW available cutting height 1100mm
baffle treading speed 0-10m/ min blade frame moving speed 0-20m/ min
inside worktable size(WxL) W2150mmxL2440mm
outside worktable size (WxL) W2510mmxL2440mm
machine external size max (LxWxH) L3.6mxW5.7mxH2.7m

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