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This machine is mostly used for foam flocks that come from foam crushing machine blown into mixing drum of foam re-bonding machine after mixing adhesive, the mixture is dropped down into a standard size mold L2mxW1.55mxH1.2m where it goes under hydraulic pressure to shape bonded foam .the new developed automatic rebonding machine, with a steam, which can produce foam 5 times as fast as form one.
model EJB-10 EJB-10B(with steam)
stirring cubage 10m3 10m3
whipping turning speed 40r/ min 40r/ min
utmost work pressure of oil jar 12000kg 12000kg
total power 13KW 13.5KW
machine weight 4000kg 4300kg
machine external size L6000xW4000xH5200mm L6000xW4000xH5200mm
moulding tanks L2050xW1550xH1000mm(2pcs) L2050xW1550xH1000mm(2pcs)(automatic)

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