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*The automatic spring coiling machine model ECL-70A produces Bonnell type spring from steel wire. It is completely mechanical and is operated by a single electrical motor. Electronic control systems further improved the quality of spring and its ease of use. automatic coiler machine, automatic coiler machines

*In a single production cycle, the wire is coiled to spring, knotted at both ends and heat treated. The group of six conveyor arms moves the spring from a processing station to the other. When the production cycle is completed, the springs are collected in the outlet channel for stored. The operator no longer has to bend to collect the springs.

*The machine can shift from 5-coils springs to 6-coils springs for mattresses of different heights and features. It is also possible to shift from 5-coils to 4 coils springs to produce bendable mattresses, mattresses for children, or to be used in sofa. A different wire diameter can be used to achieve a different degree of rigidity of springs and spring units. automatic coiler machine, automatic coiler machines
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automatic coiler machines
Excellent features :
The ECL-70A machine works without compressed air and is operated by a single electrical motor. The standard equipment includes all the components necessary to the production, such as wire swift, tooling, spring container and some spare parts. The machine consists of one single piece and thus installation on the site is very quick and easy. The hard metal parts, manufactured with great precision, last for a long time.
* High flexibility
It is possible to produce various spring sizes. Thanks to the easy accessible regulation parts, the change-over times are extremely short: about 20-40 minutes. automatic coiler machine, automatic coiler machines
* High efficiency
Electronic units improve each step of the production. Mechanical regulation parts can be easily accessed. Parts prone to wear are limited to a minimum and their replacement has been rendered even easier. Automatic lubrication greatly prolongs the machine life.
* Great comfort
The optional soundproof protection cabin ĘC and its innovative shape ĘC it does not hinder accessing control units. The cabin is equipped with lights and smoke aspiration. The new wire swift with electronic speed control suits any production need and is equipped with a wire end detection system. automatic coiler machine, automatic coiler machines
Technical data at a glance:
Production: 60 springs per minute
spring type: Bonnell
Spring end ring diameter Dif: 65-90mm
spring wire diameter: 1.9-2.4mm
Diameter adjustment : +/-1mm
Spring height: 4 Coil 80-120mm
5 Coil 120-150mm
6 Coil 140-180mm
Power requirements : 380V 3 phases 50A
220V 3 phases 90A
Maximum weight of wire roll : 800kgs
Machine net weight : 1500kgs
Wire swift net weight : 400kgs
Space requirements

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