spring machine, spring mattress, quilting machine, foam machine


Application:Clothing,Mattress panels,Lining,Textile, Leathe, Shoe, Hat, Case, Steeping, Bag. Nightgown, Glove, Housedecorating uphoistery and so on.

ESQ-94C-C can working together with COMPUTERIZED SHUTTLE MULTI-NEEDLS QUILTING MACHINE KW series and automatic cutting appropriate size for quilting fabric,provide facility for customer.

*Adopt the advanced numberical control project and mechanical manfacturing techology.
*Saddling rack and LuoLa all adopt service driving equipment.
*The principal axis adopts metabolic frequency control device.
*We prepare lots of design sewing with rather long interval stitches when making guilt and cotton-padded clothes for your choices.
*Convenience and shortcut compliltory function of design.
*Sewing with rather long interval stitches randomly in the design of any direction in 360o .
*Limitless times in dependent design interval sewing function.
*Left and right limiting the direction and exceeding journey stopping function.
*Continuous sewing and one-step sewing with rather long interval stitches are two ways,and no sewing.
*Computer control the speed automatically,and the needle speed can reach 550 needles per minute,and the interval of the needles can be fixed in any 2mm-6mm.
*The design retrleve function is effective to solve the distortion problem of the design cased by the becoming thick sewing materials.
*The mimicing sewing with rather long interval stitches will be showed.
*The automatic uplifting the needles and orientation brake system.
*The function of the severing atomatic for stopping(for your selection).
*The infrared sensor accessed by your hand touching makes your.
*The following acting function of meansuring the speed automatically at exact time.
*The track\ing painting picture function when the pictures cut in.


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