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ESQ single needle quilting machine can quilted fashionable patterns in to the various types of bedding. Aticking bed quilt, sponge and leather products can also be handled.
Technical data at a glance:
With automatic oiling system, no need to oiling by manual.
Stitch Length can be set from imm to 6mm.
Photoelectric sensor system that detects the breaks of upper sewing thread, and programme can automatic repairing.
Machine stop automatically and diskplays details for the causes of stop and displayed n the CRT screen when happens on sewing head over the frame.
14 inch CRT colour monitor, shows information of current job graphically and by status message
(e.g., Stitches number, pattern, stitch length etc)
Client can make the pattern on PC with design software (on CD-ROM),and input to the control computer by 3 inch floppy disk drive.
Enlarges or reduces the size of pattern vertically or horizontally.
Max speed up to 2000RPM.
Moves back to start pattern with one key.
Moves the pantograph the pattern without sewing.
After finished pattern. The sewing head automatic move to start point and turn, easy to load and discharge the material frame.

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