spring machine, spring mattress, quilting machine, foam machine

Using cone-type instead of shuttle-type in bottom yarn. It is capable of working continuously.
Fully computerized, high-speed chainstitch machine features point & Sew. And exciting 360 degree Tack & Jump. With newfangled features, the machine can quilt two rows different Tack & lump pattern. Pattern A&B permissive to compounding.

ESQ-94c has been designed for all industries where quilting is required. It is exceptionally suitable for quilting extra thick, heavy materials such as mattress panels and pads, bedspreads, comforters, sleeping bags,upholstery, furniture and automotive products. The ESQ-94c easily handles products quilted by home textile and apparel manufacturers. Industry PC control system allowed to make new pattern by operator with easy manipulate.

Technical data as follows:

Frame size(LxWxH) 3750X2500X2100mm
Weight 1000kg
Length of board 2000mm
Thickness 5-50mm
Width 100-2500mm
Speed 7000mm/min
Power 3KW
Power supply 280V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Air pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa

Special function as follows

Special function as follows:
The machine is used to work with quilting machine,and also to work soley.
This machine is capable of cutting panels,borders,sides and material rolling.
Using touch screen and PLC control, therefore,operating and safeguarding the machine is easier.
Infrared control,the precision is very high,operation is safe.
Established sharpening device,to safeguard the blades.
Stable,little vibration,low noise,and high efficiency.
The machine adopts advanced design,and the Nation's first built.

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