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cam quilting machine

[cam quilting machine]
ESQ-94C-2000 Newest High-speed Computerized Shuttleless Multi-needle quilting Machine
cam quilting machines
Special function:
*No contact point thread breaking detector, more reliable.
*Computer controlled adjustable presser board lifting mechanism, enable it to quilt a broad range of material thicknesses. cam quilting machines
*No needle rod design, more durable and stable
*Self error probing system,detects machine problems and displays error messages onto the computer screen
*Brand new quilting machine software control system, allows more preciss and stable quilting operations
*Machine is able to run up to 1200 RPM using thinner needle(140/22)
*Computer controlled automatic looper tracing system
*Able to quilt in pattem and multiple pattem designs

Applications:Mattress panel,pads,bedspreads,comforters,beding and upholstery and so on.
ESQ-94C-C can working together with ESQ-94C-2000 and
automatic cutting appropriate size for quilting fabric, provide facility for customer
cam quilting machine
One piece spreader board design :
4meter CNC milling machine :
Products :
Technical data at a glance:
Size(lengthxwldthxheight):5200 X1500x2000(mm)
Quilt width:2450mm
Rotation speed:600-1200RPM
Production speed:80-230m/h
Needle type:140/22 180/24
Needle arrangement:(50.8,76.2,127)(76.2,76.2,152.4)
Max.horizontal movement:450mm
Needle space:25.4mm
Power supply:380v/220v 50HZ/60HZ
Stitch size:2-8mm
Quilting thickness: <=60mm

cam quilting machines

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