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foaming machine, foam peeling machine

[foaming machine, foam peeling machine]
This machine adopts the advanced imported controlled techniques drive. foaming machines, foam peeling machines, This machine is mostly used for many quadrate foam once flatly slicing. foam peeling machine, foam peeling machines, It's fully automatic controlled operation and the cutting is accurat. It can be continuously cutout.It's dependabillty is lofty and production efficiency is better. Meanwhile our latest research to manufacture the huge carrousel splitting machine successfully. Which the diameter φ10.5m is the biggest in current national. It can be continuously cutting the bigger quadrate foam of W2.15XL14.5m. foaming machine, foam peeling machine (This machine choose with vacuum equipments and touch screen)
foaming machines, foam peeling machines
All along, our company has continuously imports foreign countries advanced technology, combining it with our own Chinese technology to produce generation and generation of new machineries, foaming machines, foam peeling machines.

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